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Restaurant Supplies in Guwahati


Running a restaurant is a hectic job because it includes a lot of hard work and huge manpower. Procuring restaurant supplies in Guwahati is a hassle for the restaurants since they need to look for different vendors to get all their items. Being able to buy all the restaurant supplies in Guwahati from one single stop would reduce the workload of the owners to a huge extend. ChfMart, aims at bringing a solution to this hassle at a much lower cost. At ChfMart, the restaurants can get all their supplies delivered to their doorstep saving both time and money. The restaurant just needs to place the order in the website or the app and all the requirements are fulfilled by ChfMart. After placing the orders, the app automatically sends the orders to different vendors. The items are then ‘hygienically packed and safely delivered’ to the outlet at a click. The demand of restaurant supplies in Guwahati might increase or decrease drastically because of various external factors and in such scenarios the restaurants find themselves in a tight position since they need to be prepared a lot prior. Through ChfMart the restaurants can place their requirements a little prior to their demand and will receive the orders just according to their wish.

Gathering all the restaurants supplies in Guwahati at once has always been a task for the owners looking at the fact that few items aren’t easily available. Also few brands barely sell their products anywhere so ChfMart tries to make this task easier for the owners. This app is a one stop solution for the demand of restaurant supplies in Guwahati. From crockery to grocery all the items are available in this app and can be easily availed by the restaurants. Also looking at the present pandemic situation ChfMart makes sure that all the covid norms are strictly followed like regular cleaning of the warehouse, daily temperature screening and contactless delivery. ChfMart is the distributor for various brands of restaurant supplies in Guwahati including Veeba, Zoff, Gowardhan Go, Dabur, Pou Chong etc. So the restaurant owners looking for the products of these particular brands can easily get it through this app at a much lower cost.