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Common Questions
How much does it cost to use ChfMart?
Does ChfMart deliver my items?
What if I want my supplier to join ChfMart?
My Orders
I have not received my order
I want to cancel my order
I have not received a product, but it is billed
I didn’t receive my order, but I got a SMS stating it is delivered
I want to know the status of my order
My order shows as cash on delivery, but payment amount got debited from my account
My return was picked up but I haven't received my refund amount till now
Super Membership
How do I join the ChfMart Membership?
When will the Cashback get credited in my account after purchasing Super Membership?
Is the fee recurring?
Are all products available under the ChfMart Membership?
Will I get any reward points for my purchase?
Is membership cancellable?